PT Announcements

  • Picton Terminals received Provincial Officers Order #1742-ASXLMQ Nov. 21, 2017
    Interim Action Plan (IAP) was approved June 2018.

    MOECC and PT have been working hard for this day!

    Following a busy year of water studies and meetings with consultants and MOECC, a solid plan is in place to address stormwater management. All parties worked together to create a permanent solution to address salt-laden stormwater using dry storage.  Additionally, an interim solution of ponding and controlled water flow is being implemented as of now.

    MOECC and Picton Terminals came to a solution that all support in principle.   Following 30 years with nothing in place in the way of stormwater management on the Port of Hallowell site, the PT team is very proud to have found solutions to Picton Bay’s long-lived issue of road salt storage.  Picton Terminals has begun construction of the interim plan.    Engineering is in progress for dry salt storage.

    The attached order is MOECC’s direction to PT to complete the interim stormwater management plan, commence dry storage engineering and execute the plan.

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